Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Ranfac’s single-sourced manufacturing process is built to adapt to each customer’s unique device and project needs. No matter the demands of your project, Ranfac is your dedicated partner in bringing innovative medical devices and new technology to market. Our unrivaled product expertise, state-of-the-art facility, and unwavering commitment to quality and regulatory compliance position our customers for successful launches and end-user satisfaction.

Vertical Integration for Blue-chip Compliance

Ranfac’s single-source contract manufacturing for medical devices achieves the level of efficiency and quality required to succeed in a highly regulated industry governed by blue-chip standards. Our proprietary development process manages every step of production under one roof, streamlining communication, enhancing quality control, and accelerating time to market. From comprehensive design and development to precision manufacturing, Ranfac stands apart as a true contract manufacturing partner for medical device companies. Our services include:

Our Proven Medical Device Manufacturing Process

Cervos Medical Case Study

Case Study

Learn how Ranfac swiftly navigated stringent regulatory hurdles for autologous tissue harvesting and processing devices with single-source, cost-effective production that rapidly scales to produce over 100,000 units per year.


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